The TO-DO List: End of Summer Edition

Summer is officially over on September 22nd. That means we’ve still got a few weeks of great weather and mild conditions ahead despite what the “Pumpkin Spice Gang” or the Christmas Decor at Costco will tell you. Here are a few things to address before it becomes too cold and wet to venture outside.

1. Clean Out Your Garage / Storage Locker

Don’t wait till spring to tackle this project. Old paint, batteries, light-bulbs can all go to recycling centers. If you’ve got clothing book a pickup from Big Brothers: . And any books can be donated at Thrift Stores or Used Book Stores.

2. Cover or Bring in Outdoor Furniture

You’ve cleaned out your storage space now you can put your outdoor rugs, pillows and furniture away. Make sure you give everything a wipe down first. Our local winters aren’t kind to outdoor furniture – protect that investment.

3. Clean out Dryer Vents

This one is relatively quick and easy one that’s also often overlooked. All through the year, your dryer vent hose has been collecting lint and other items (bits of paper, coins even) since the last time you took it apart and cleaned it out. This can be a very dangerous situation, if left unattended. If you have access to the outside vent give them a quick vacuum to make sure the air is able to flow.

4. Clean out Gutters and Drains

If you have a detached home – take a look at the gutters and make sure they are fully functional before the fall rains come. Don’t forget the downspouts too. For condos – take a quick look at your patio drains, make sure they are clear of obstructions.

5. Heat! Fireplaces, Furnaces, Baseboards

Don’t wait until you need the heat to find out they aren’t working right. Fire them up now and make sure things are functional. If you find a problem now you’ll have plenty of time to track down a professional to fix the problem. Fireplaces – take off the glass front and give it a clean. Furnaces – swap out the filter. Baseboards – give them a wipe and a quick vacuum.

6. Check your Fire Extinguisher… OR Buy One!

Have a quick look at the expiration date or the meter on the bottle. There are many local business that can recharge the extinguisher for a small fee. Don’t own one yet? Head to your local hardware store and grab one. That $30 investment can be the difference between a ruined dinner and a ruined home.

Now that you have completed your end of summer maintenance, its time to relax. Prepare to enjoy a cooler summer evening as summer winds down with an outdoor dinner with your family and friends on your deck or back patio.

Thanks for reading!

– Ben