“If January is the month of change,

February is the month of lasting change.

January is for dreamers… February is for doers.”

Marc Parent

Stats Center!

Looking Back at January 2024:

The benchmark price for a property in Metro Vancouver is currently $1,161,300.

(Prior Month - $1,168,700)

This represents a 2.3 per cent increase over January 2023

and a 0.6 per cent decrease compared to December 2023.

Want to read the full report? Click HERE
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Mortgage Rates

The January Bank Of Canada Meeting - came and went:

BOC Interest Rates are still held at 5% - Next meeting is March 6th

Latest BOC Press Release

Real Estate Board - 2024 Forecast

Our regional real estate board has an on-staff economist and he recently released his 2024 forecast. Two things stuck out:

1 - 2023 was a slow year for sales volume and and we’ll see a rise from those numbers in 2024. For sales a 7.6% increase and for prices a 2.6% increase.

2 - Mortgage rates will decrease. Approximately 1-1.5% this year then gradually lower the next two.

Love Data Talk - Click HERE to watch the whole event: About 1hr

What did I do last month?

Cait Flanders - Why did I download this book? Perhaps all the business planning and budgeting for 2024 pointed me in this direction OR maybe it was a pivot from all the consumerism that December brings. Not sure but for only six hours (listening at 1.5 speed) I’ll give most anything a try.

Turns out the author is local - grew up on the island and lived in Port Moody. She curated a blog about her finances. She was in a lot of debt and drilled down to what was important, addressed her spending habits and got her self out of debt. The book isn’t so much a “How-To” guide, there are some great take aways but it got way more personal than that:

  • The fallout of her parents divorce and her own relationships

  • Giving up alcohol and how that changed her friendships

  • Dealing with binge eating and her motivations behind it

  • Giving away a 1/3 of her possessions

One of her rules for the year of living with less was she wouldn’t buy a replacement of something until the original was used up. As someone who currently has FOUR deodorant sticks in their bathroom, I’ll be using this moving forward - the rule… and the deodorant.

“But there were really only two categories I could see: the stuff I used, and the stuff I wanted the ideal version of myself to use. The stuff I wanted the ideal version of myself to use was everything I had once bought in hopes that it would somehow make my life or myself better.”

Something Funny Before You Go:

If you are one of my more youthful clients

and are confused at this one - here’s some context:

Airplane! - The Movie: Shirley

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