You got your 2022 assessment and for most that number went WAY up. Cities use these values to determine a share of taxes. If your property increased or decreased more than other typical properties of the same type you will have a tax rate that differs from that average.

BC Assessment Website –

Across Metro Vancouver the average tax rate = $4,573

For some cities that means a lot of money:
Proposed / Reported Operating and or Capital Budgets 2022

  • Vancouver – $1,735 million
  • Surrey – $1,500 million
  • Burnaby – $878.3 million
  • Coquitlam – $369 million
  • Richmond – $355 million
  • New Westminster – $167 million
  • West Vancouver – $124 million
  • Port Coquitlam – $119 million
  • Pitt Meadows – $47.7 million

Take some time and review your cities 2022 budget. See where that money is going to. The standard things are policing, water, sewer, recreation, waste collection and other public works. But other expenditures like infrastructure plans, downtown revitalization, climate change initiatives are where mayors and councils can put their own agents into play.

Why does this matter? Well on Saturday October 15th we’ll have a municipal election! So if you don’t like the way your mayor, council, directors, trustees etc are handling the money below you can have your say.

Stay informed! That chunk of money is signification – don’t be “penny wise and pound foolish”.

Thanks for your time!

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