On Christmas Day we added baby Sloane Olivia to our family. It was one of the best days of my life and will forever change how we celebrate the holiday. And that was pretty much a microcosm for my year in general. Expecting one thing, having something completely different happen and nothing being the same again.
In 2020 I sold twelve properties! My aim was six, but as long as it was more than the one I sold in my first year I’d be pleased. I’m going to fall short of making the Medallion Club for sales by ONE sale (which is frustrating as only 10 of the 12 I sold count towards that designation). But it gives me something to work towards in 2021.
But the year wasn’t all sales, champagne and keys. I lost out on a lot of deals and offers, I made a lot of pitches that didn’t end up happening, and I had a surprising number of no-shows from potential clients. I also put myself in the most stressful situation by buying a home BEFORE selling the one we owned. I DIDN’T TAKE MY OWN ADVICE! But in the end we sold and moved and all that is history.

It was a year unlike others and I couldn’t have gotten there without the help of my office

Oakwyn Realty Encore, my managing brokers Craig & Keith, my wife Meghan Graham,

and all of you.

I’m forever thankful for this opportunity to work in this industry and I’m excited for what the next year will bring.
Thanks – Ben