Marketing — 3 Min Read

Photo by Benjamin Loyal

Presentation is the key to everything.

Marketing — 3 Min Read

Presentation is the key to everything.

Separating from the pack.

As of writing this post there are 14,278 other real estate agents licensed in the lower mainland. That has been a daunting figure to wrap my head around. And it makes me think:

  • How I differentiate myself from the pack?
  • What makes me different?
  • Why would someone choose me?

What’s a Benjamin Loyal supposed to do?

For every future client, who hasn’t met me yet, the marketing is key. I want everyone to know who and what I’m about. I choose Oakwyn Realty because they were different from the rest of the brokerages in the area. They’re young and fresh and full of ideas that resonate with me. I want my clients to choose me for the same reasons. 

Personal Brand

There’s a reason I have a dog as my personal logo, they are synonymous with loyalty, service, kindness. Real estate services in the Lower Mainland should be the same. 

This carries through to how I treat my clients. I genuinely want to get to know them and discover what they are looking for. When I’ve purchased property for myself I’m not an easy sale. I look and look compulsively for the perfect place. It’s a feeling you can’t replicate until you know you are “home”.  It’s an obsession that I gift to everyone who works with me. 

Thanks for taking the time to read – I truly appreciate it.

– Benjamin Loyal

PS – If you want that level of service, CONTACT me today, I’m happy to hear from you. 

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